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Relive The Wrigley Field World Series Celebration

This never gets old.

BCB reader Geoff Stellfox sent me these photos of the celebration in the streets around Wrigley Field as the Cubs won the World Series.

People were following along with the score on the marquee, and the party began as soon as the Cubs completed their 8-7 win over the Indians in 10 innings Wednesday evening at 11:47 p.m. Central time.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing this celebration as it happened two days ago.

Even now, two days later, with a colossal victory parade and rally going on in Chicago, it's hard to believe that what we've all been waiting for all our lives has really, truly happened. It might take some time for everything to really sink in.

Celebrate, exult, enjoy, take every single moment to savor what's happened. Winning the World Series is hard work and I again salute every single person connected with this franchise for making it happen. We hope this is the beginning of an era when the Cubs win multiple titles.

But if they don't... we'll always have this one, the memories to last a lifetime.

Thanks again to Geoff Stellfox for sending these photos along.