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The Scene Around Wrigley Field and Wrigleyville: November 4-6

Here's a large selection of photos from around the ballpark (and some from downtown) over the weekend.

This selection of photos from BCB's David Sameshima is intended to give you a broad overview of what it looked like around Wrigley Field (and a bit from around downtown Chicago) from Friday, November 4 through Sunday, November 6.

I finally made it over to the ballpark Saturday evening around 7:30. I'd tried to get over there Friday afternoon but traffic was backed up so much at that time that I couldn't get anywhere near Wrigley Field.

Even on Saturday evening, there were enough people around the ballpark that it felt like a game day. I've really never seen anything like the outpouring of love for our team that we've all seen over the days since the World Series triumph last Wednesday. This isn't anything that figures to go away anytime soon, either.

The leaving of memories and tributes and messages of love in chalk on the Wrigley walls (and as you see below, on some of the buildings on Waveland as well) is as organic a thing as you could ever imagine. Started by a BCB reader, it's grown into something that the Cubs have not only left there, but encouraged. They sent security folks out there just to make sure everyone was safe. I'd heard on Saturday that it might all be power-washed off today -- after all, they do have a construction project they have to get started soon -- but at the very least, I hope the Cubs have made a photographic record of this (as we and others have), and that they'll save the photos left at the ballpark for some future historic display.

Enjoy all these photos. They document something unique in sports history, perhaps even in all of human history. #LetsGo