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The Wrigley Field Scene: November 7-8

Here's what the ballpark looked like as the Cubs prepare for offseason construction.

More people left chalk messages on the Wrigley Field walls Monday, though the number of folks around the ballpark was far fewer Monday than it had been over the weekend.

The Cubs announced earlier that the walls would be cleaned off late Tuesday in preparation for the Wrigley offseason construction project to begin, but not until the team documents what's happened organically in photographs.

BCB's David Sameshima stopped by Wrigley Monday night, and also took some photos on his way to work Tuesday morning, that show some of the preparations for construction. (You'll pardon the reflections on the Tuesday photos as they were taken through a bus window.)

In future days and weeks we'll be following the construction project here as we have done in previous offseasons. I'll see if I can find out specific details of what the Cubs plan to do this winter, which will have a much shorter construction season for all the best reasons -- winning the World Series!

It's just 153 days until the Cubs open the 2017 home season Monday, April 10 against the Los Angeles Dodgers.