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At Last! (A Cubs Championship Song)

BCB’s Danny Rockett celebrates the World Series victory in song!

Danny Rockett

Some of my favorite videos and pics on social media this past week have been of long-suffering Cubs fans celebrating the moment the Cubs won the World Series. So I asked Cubs fans on Facebook and Twitter to send me their moment of documented Cubs history to make a music video to my song parody of Etta James’ “At Last.”

Thanks to all who sent in photos and vids!

(Lyrics printed below the video)

At last

The Cubs have won it all

Our losing days are over

Champions of baseball

Oh yeah yeah

At last

The goat curses are through

We made it through October

So damn long overdue!

They are a team that could repeat too

Best team that I have ever known

And now the world’s painted Cubbie Blue

The Cubs just brought the trophy home

Oh yeah yeah

Yeah I, Oh I’m

Forgetting about the past

The Cubbies won game seven

We’re flyin high.

At Last