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Cubs Song Parody: ‘Lester Always Flips It Underhand’

BCB’s Danny Rockett sings about the Cubs lovable lefty’s yips.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Last spring training, I was in the process of failing to find the field on which Jon Lester was pitching a practice game with minor leaguers, when I heard from beyond the outfield fence, the unmistakable sound of a barked expletive and the sound of a ball hitting chain link. I turned to my friend Dan and said “I think we’ve found the right place.”

Yes, Jon Lester has the misunderstood “Yips” when it comes to throwing to first. And although it’s not funny when he sails one into the stands in a tie ballgame, at least he has a good sense of humor about it:

And so do the posters at Son Ranto’s Ranters, an offshoot Facebook board on the fringes of irreverent Cubs fandom. I asked for ideas for a Christmas ong parody for a contest on ESPN’s Waddle and Silvy show and Tyler James Cline suggested I write “Lester Always Flips It Underhand” to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.” People tell me AM 1000 played it recently. So that’s cool. Hope we win!

If deemed the winner, I get Bulls tickets in a suite for when I’m at Cubs Spring Training. I could give two shakes about basketball... but it’s always fun to collaborate on a Christmas parody about Jon Lester’s Yips.