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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 18

Work continues, slowly but surely.

BCB's David Sameshima paid a visit to Wrigley Field on the coldest day of the winter so far, Sunday afternoon, when temperatures were in the single digits.

He reports that it was pretty quiet around the ballpark, except for Gate 8.5 on Sheffield Avenue. A steady stream of dump trucks were using the gate to haul all the dirt from the excavation work being done inside the ballpark.

The other thing you'll notice about these photos is that almost the entire length of the ballpark facade, both sides, has been covered with tarps. I'm assuming this is to help keep wind out of the park to make it easier for the interior work to be done.

You can also see that the plaza building is nearing completion. I don't see any reason why that building won't be ready for the team offices to move in before the 2017 season begins, as most of the work there is now interior.

The west entrance to the ballpark (photo 4) also looks ready to go. When that opens, movement in and around the concourse on the third-base side should be much, much easier.

Not shown in this update, I have news about the Addison Park project, which is currently being built on the south side of Addison opposite the ballpark (an independent project not associated with the Cubs). Two new retail tenants have signed deals to be in that project: Lucky Strike Entertainment, which promises "a chef-driven menu, private and semi-private function spaces, live music, and a premium bowling experience," and Shake Shack, the popular East Coast-based chain, will have its fourth area location across from Wrigley Field.

We'll continue to update the construction progress over the winter.