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Cubs Claim David Rollins... Again

The lefthander defines “well-traveled.”

Photo by Rich Pilling/Getty Images

The Cubs must really, really want David Rollins. Or maybe other teams don’t. Or... something. Because:

The transaction log at Rollins’ baseball-reference page is something to behold:

And that doesn’t even include today’s claim by the Cubs. He spent two days as a member of the Rangers, after spending 19 days as a Phillie. Philadelphia claimed him from... the Rangers, where he had spent 10 days after Texas had claimed him from... the Cubs, where he spent four days on the 40-man roster after being claimed November 18.

I’d make some joke about frequent-flyer miles, but I doubt he’s left wherever he calls home in the offseason. At least he can now make plans to come to Arizona for spring training... unless the Cubs waive him again and he gets claimed by someone else.

For his part, Rollins doesn’t look the least bit happy about any of this:

Robert Binder/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Rollins’ minor-league numbers weren’t all that impressive and he’s posted a 7.60 ERA in 31 major-league outings over the last two years. Nevertheless, he’s lefthanded, and you can never have too many of those. Perhaps he’s a candidate for Bosmosis.

In any case, I’m reasonably certain he’d just be happy to not be on any other 40-man rosters before spring training begins. The Cubs have not yet confirmed this transaction by press release, though Rollins is already listed on the team’s 40-man roster.