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Have Yourself A Very Cubbie Christmas

Enjoy the holiday with this Cubs Christmas song.

Wrigley Field
Danny Rockett

I’ve sung every Christmas song thousands of times and I’m tired of most of them. But one song makes me cry every year: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” The sentiment of “through the years we all will be together” makes me well up every time and I sob through the end of the Christmas classic.

What a perfectly beautiful melody to sum up a perfectly magical year for the Cubs and their fans. I’ve of course changed all the lyrics to sum up with this World Champion Christmas feels like in my Cubbie Blue heart.

Whatever it is you celebrate, I hope it’s a good one...

You can buy the song here!

Have yourself a very Cubbie Christmas.

Kiss the curse goodbye.

Sing the song and let your W flags fly

Have yourself a very Cubbie Christmas

We went all the way.

Won it in the 10th after a rain delay!

All those years that we had to wait

One hundred and eight. No more!

Though the Indians tied it up, we tried not to suck and scored.

Jon Lester, Hendricks and Arrieta, really mowed em down.

Brought the trophy back to the North Side of town.

So have yourself a very Cubbie Christmas now.