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Merry Christmas From BCB

Joys of the season to you.

Deb Buchweitz

The Chicago Cubs already got all of us the best Christmas gift we could have asked for: a World Series championship.

I imagine many of you woke up this morning finding gifts of Cubs World Series swag, and why not? Personally, I can’t get enough of it... I got myself two caps, three T-shirts, two sweatshirts and a jacket. Because how often does the Cubs’ first World Series championship in your lifetime come around? (Yes, I know. Just once.)

Merry Christmas to everyone here at BCB. I hope you have a wonderful holiday celebrating with family and friends, and you got everything you hoped for this holiday season.

And now, we can hope that Tom, Theo, Crane, Joe and the Cubs can get us another trophy in 2017!

The photo of the tree above was sent to me by my friend Deb Buchweitz. Here’s another look at some of the Cubs and World Series-themed ornaments. If you have a Cubs-themed tree, share a photo of it with us in the comments.

Deb Buchweitz