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The 10 Best Chicago Cubs Photos Of 2016

And I could have chosen way more than 10.

2016 was a memorable year for the Chicago Cubs. (Understatement, I know.)

So I began thinking about outstanding moments from various games all through the year, and wanted to find some indelible photographs that capture the excitement and thrills we all experienced.

These 10 photos were, in my opinion, the best of the best from 2016. Some of them, I chose because of the composition of the photo (particularly the one of Jason Heyward's catch), others because of the historic moment (Jake Arrieta's no-hitter was just as much a thrill for David Ross, as that was the first he'd caught), or the intensity of Jon Lester's face as he was laying down that bunt, or just because the photo was beautiful (the sunset).

I love the excited looks on everyone's faces as Javier Baez crosses the plate with his Mother's Day walkoff homer.

The thrill of winning the pennant is captured in Anthony Rizzo's look, and the thrill of winning the World Series on the faces and leaps of Kris Bryant and Addison Russell.

Perhaps the photo of the year is the one of Dexter Fowler, in the on-deck circle, flinging his bat skyward after watching Miguel Montero hit a grand slam against the Dodgers.

As noted above, I could have chosen far more photos for a gallery like this -- there were at least a couple dozen more moments worth remembering. Oh, heck... here's one more:

David Richard/USA Today Sports

Enjoy these photos and the memories they bring back.