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MLB Winter Meetings: Day 2

An actual Cubs rumor leads this morning’s news.

Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Last month, I wrote a number of “trade target” articles, several of them involving offering Jorge Soler to an American League team (he would seem well suited to being a DH). Here’s the article I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Royals closer Wade Davis possibly being a Cubs trade target this winter.

Now, there are some reports from various writers that the Cubs are interested in Davis with Soler possibly being one of the pieces going to Kansas City in return:

Dodd is a Royals beat writer for the Kansas City Star. While it is true that Soler’s current contract calls for him to make a total of $17.667 million through 2020, it is also true that the same deal can allow him to opt out and into the arbitration system when he’s eligible, which I believe will be before the 2018 season. So, if Soler has a big 2017, he could get expensive quickly.

So there’s one rumor to start your Winter Meetings Tuesday. I think Davis would be an excellent fit for the Cubs in 2017; he’s scheduled to make $10 million next season and after that he’d be a free agent.

Here’s another bit of Cubs news, already noted in this morning’s Cub Tracks:

That would be excellent. It would allow Ross to spend time with his family, which was a stated goal of his after retirement as a player, and keep him connected with the team so that if and when he’s ready, he could return as a full-time coach. Hopefully the “special assistant” role would allow him to come to spring training and help out there.

Use this thread as an all-purpose Winter Meetings thread all day Tuesday. If the Cubs sign anyone or make a trade, of course there’ll be a separate article covering that news.