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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 6

A few nighttime images from around the ballpark.

In case you thought you missed your chance to take photos of the Wrigley Field marquee, having heard from others that "WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS" had disappeared, fear not.

BCB's David Sameshima passed by the ballpark Tuesday evening on his way home from work. He reports that "WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS" is still being shown on the marquee, but there are also some ads interspersed, as you can see in photos 4-6. "WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS" shows for three to five minutes, then some ads appear, and it rotates back to the champions sign. So you can still get photos of it, you just have to wait a bit.

David also took some photos of the south face of the ballpark, where tarps which had covered up the interior work have now been removed. Not sure whether that removal is temporary or permanent. And, in photo 1 you can see how narrow Addison Street has become with the two ongoing projects, one on each side.

We'll have further updates on the construction project later this week. David plans to return to take a larger photoset on Saturday.