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2016 Cubs Spring Training Countdown: 7 Days

Here's another player at a crossroads in his career.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, Rob Huff wrote this article assessing where Arismendy Alcantara stands in his Cubs career.

At the end of 2014, it appeared he could compete for a starting job or at the very least a bench role on the 2015 squad. He had a horrid start to 2015, got sent to Iowa and wasn't very good there either.

Mendy hit for power, stole bases and drew walks in the minor leagues, leading to his rapid ascent to the majors in 2014 at age 22. But now he's 24 and several players have passed him up on the team's depth chart.

Rob's article went into far more depth than this series calls for; this series is really just a countdown to the pitcher/catcher report day, with a Cubs player with a matching uniform number. But it seemed appropriate, as we approach a camp that will be really important for Mendy, to again open discussion about his potential role on the 2016 Cubs.

So, have at it. Will he make the roster as a bench player? Be traded? Be let go entirely after spring training? What do you think?