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2016 Cubs Spring Training Countdown: 6 Days

What's going to happen to the pitcher formerly known as "C.J."?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I can't recall any pitcher for the Cubs (or any other team, really) ever being as skinny as Carl Edwards Jr.

The photo above doesn't really give an indication of just how skinny he is. He's listed on his baseball-reference page at 6-3 and 170 pounds. The 170 seems generous.

Edwards, who switched to his full name (after originally being called by his initials) to honor his dad, began in the Cubs system as a starter, but transitioned to the bullpen last year. His walks per nine innings went up alarmingly (6.7 combined between Double-A and Triple-A), but so did his strikeouts per nine (12.2, after 9.1 in 2014).

He throws with good velocity, so his weight isn't an issue there. It is, though, likely the reason he was shifted from starting to the pen, as in one- or two-inning bursts stamina shouldn't be an issue. Command and control seem to be his biggest problems, but not something that couldn't be worked on.

The question I ask you here is: will he make the bullpen out of spring training? It would seem not, as there are quite a few pitchers ahead of him on the depth chart. He would seem to be headed for Iowa again, possibly as a call-up in case of injury.

What do you think will be in Edwards' future?