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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 12

Some Friday views from the ballpark.

As most of you know, I now spend winters in Arizona.

But due to a meeting I needed to attend elsewhere, I was in Chicago for a day on Friday. Of course I planned enough time to stop by Wrigley Field to see what was going on with the renovation project.

It wasn't easy to get there. The city is doing water main work on both Clark and Addison. Clark Street is temporarily closed from Grace to Addison, and (except for buses) Addison is closed from Sheffield to Clark. See photo 2 for the very large hole that's being dug right at the Clark & Addison intersection, and photos 10 and 11 for a deserted Clark Street (looking north in photo 10, looking south in photo 11).

You might have heard that the McDonald's across from Wrigley (photo 7) is closing March 1 in preparation for demolition so the Ricketts family project, a hotel, can be constructed on that property. Addison Park on Clark, a private, non-Cubs-connected project on the south side of Addison, is also getting ready to begin. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Starbucks on Addison (where, over the last couple of years, visiting teams would send their rookies out, in uniform, to get coffee) closed. It will reopen nearby soon.

What I learned Friday is that the 7-11 on the corner of Addison and Sheffield is also closing soon. No specific date is set but they are not likely going to be open when the baseball season begins. That's a loss for me -- it was a daily pregame stop for snacks, as it was for many Cubs fans. Years ago I heard that this location was the largest-grossing 7-11 in the world. Not sure if that's true now, but it will be a loss for the neighborhood. The next nearest 7-11 is about four blocks away at Waveland and Broadway.

As for the project itself, there was a bit of work going on, and as has been the case recently, not much of it can be seen due to the shrouding of pretty much everything -- ballpark, plaza building, broadcast building.

Take a look, though, at photo 20, which shows a change from our recent photosets. Stacked next to the back railing of the bleachers appear to be railings from bleacher benches. It's not clear where those are from or what they're being replaced with. They could be from the center-field area where the new patio is being built, or elsewhere.

Again, as has been the case for a while, there are boxes stacked outside Gate D. There was speculation in the comments in a recent update that these could be seats. I agree, though it was impossible to read the labels on the boxes, even after I asked Mike Bojanowski to enhance the photo. So we'll just have to wait.

I'm heading back to Arizona later today. It's cold in Chicago! I'm ready for spring training to start soon. I'm sure you are too.