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Everything You Need To Know About Cubs Spring Training 2016

Want to know all about spring training? Here's your comprehensive guide.

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Today is the day that Cubs pitchers and catchers are expected to officially report to camp, with position players expected by next Tuesday. It's the official end of the offseason and the beginning of what we hope will be a great 2016 season.

Of course, as you know, many players have been in camp for a week or two and unofficial workouts have been going on. The first pitcher/catcher workout is tomorrow, Saturday, February 20 and the first full-squad workout is Wednesday, February 24. I plan to be at both of those and will have photos and video.

If you are in the Valley and want to attend workouts before games begin March 3, those sessions are free and open to the public. Just park anywhere (hopefully, far from any Kyle Schwarber home runs!) and walk over to the fields. Most workouts are on fields 3-6 at the west side of the Sloan Park complex, but sometimes batting practice is held on field 1, which is immediately to the west of the main ballpark. When you arrive there generally will be schedules posted near the fields with the day's activities so you can decide what you want to watch. Note, the free admission and parking is only for non-game days.

Here's the rest of the info you'll need either to follow spring training from afar, or to help you out if you're planning a trip to Arizona to take in live games. All of these posts were made earlier in the offseason (and have been updated as needed, so the info is current as of February 19), but I've collected them all here in one place for easy perusal.

The complete Cubs spring schedule is here. There will be 31 games over 32 days, wrapping up with a pair against the Mets in Las Vegas March 31 and April 1 and an exhibition game against the Angels in Anaheim April 3 before the Cubs and Angels open the 2016 regular season Monday, April 4.

Here is a list of the non-roster players invited to spring training. The headline says there were 18, but three more were added after that was posted: Matt Murton, Ryan Williams and Edgar Olmos.

Here is the complete spring camp roster, in numerical order, including coaches and instructors. There will be 61 players in camp.

Here is the complete spring broadcast schedule. Nine games will be carried by Cubs channels, there will be two on ESPN, and at least seven others are being carried by the TV channel of the Cubs' opponent. Here is a list of all the games that will be available via this spring. Some of the games will likely be on MLB Network, but the channel has not yet posted a game schedule.

Tickets for games are available at this page. The games on 3/12 (White Sox), 3/17 (Diamondbacks), 3/20 (Royals) and 3/26 (Giants) are sold out, and the game on 3/25 (Brewers) has only lawn tickets remaining.

If you're in the area and thinking about driving to various spring venues, here's my post with driving tips as well as helpful hints for the 10 Cactus League ballparks.

Here's to a great 2016 season! The first Cubs spring game is just 13 days away, Thursday, March 3 against the Brewers at Maryvale, with the Sloan Park opener the next day against the Angels. I imagine this is how we're all feeling today, on pitcher & catcher report day:

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