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The Windshield Kyle Schwarber Broke Has Been Repaired

Kudos to Kyle and Safelite for doing this.

Peter Gesler

Wednesday morning, as you know, Kyle Schwarber hit a batting-practice ball on Field 1 at the Cubs' spring training complex that went over the right-field wall (and about a 40-foot-tall screen!) and broke the windshield of a car parked in the lot behind that field.

The car happened to belong to Peter Gesler, who is a BCB reader.

I'm pleased to report that thanks to Kyle and the Safelite windshield-repair company, Peter's car windshield is as good as new -- see the photo above.

Here's how it all happened, after some messages were exchanged between Kyle and Safelite. The repair was done this morning at Sloan Park, in the players' parking lot.The Safelite people prepared the windshield to be removed and waited for Kyle to arrive, which he did around noon, a private meet-and-greet arranged with Peter and the Safelite people.

Peter told me that he and his wife were treated very well by everyone involved, and that the Safelite people in particular were very courteous, professional, and "genuine," in his words.

So there's a happy ending to this: Peter got his windshield replaced and got to meet Kyle Schwarber. Very cool, and thanks to Kyle and Safelite for their kindness.