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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 19, Part 2

Some nighttime views of the project at the end of a very windy day.

BCB's David Sameshima stopped by Wrigley Field on his way home from work on Friday and filed this detailed report at the end of a very windy Chicago day.

I had a few minutes on my commute home, so I stopped by the ballpark. It wasn't until that commute home that I started learning how bad the weather was around town. I only had my compact camera with me, so I was limited in the photos I could take. Besides the darkness, I had to contend with standing in the high winds. The images in this photoset will not be entirely sharp.There was some type of work still taking place, as I saw a concrete truck exiting the plaza lot during my visit. A street sweeping truck was still on duty to trail exiting construction vehicles. This contributed to the messy scene around the ballpark. You had the high winds blowing dirt all around, and it was being stirred up even further by vehicles exiting the work area.The missing tarps did expose areas inside of the main gate (Gate F) area. The high winds prevented me from getting too close, with debris being blown about, and the potential of the fences getting blown down. I noticed that some of fences were also tied down by ropes, to insure that they stayed upright.The past two days, I have been traveling by the ballpark in the morning. I had no opportunity to take photos, but I could see what could have been the old ballpark seats lined up along Addison Street, inside of the construction barricades. It's hard to tell when your only view is through those green construction tarps. It also appeared that forklifts were moving the boxes stacked outside of the Draft Kings Sports Zone, inside the ballpark. These could be the new ballpark seats. Today I saw a trailer truck parked inside of the Addison Street construction barricades. It looked like the truck was being loaded. They may have been hauling away the old ballpark chairs.Clark Street has been a mess, with the street closed from Addison Street to Racine Avenue (south of Grace Street). This is due to the water main replacement work taking place. Friday evening, southbound traffic was passing through. I am not sure if northbound lanes were supposed to be open, but traffic was snaking through, possibly because many of the construction barricades had been knocked down by the winds.

Personally, I'm surprised that the crane in photo 20 survived the high winds. Other stronger structures in the Chicago area were blown down by winds that approached hurricane strength.

We hope to have more photos here early next week. Opening Night at Wrigley Field is seven weeks from Monday!