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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 20

Workers spent part of Saturday fixing the tarps damaged in Friday's windstorm.

I had an appointment in the area Saturday morning, and did have a little time to make a visit to Wrigley. Work crews were taking advantage of the weather. Besides doing actual work, they were replacing the tarps damaged by the high winds on Friday.Due to the work they were doing in front of the ballpark, I was not able to walk up to the fence to take photos. Concrete trucks were making deliveries, and the street sweeping truck was kicking up quite a bit of dirt around the ballpark. I have some photos here showing how much dirt was being kicked up. As a result, I could not risk changing lenses on my camera when walking around the ballpark. I just stuck with using one lens today.I did "digitally" zoom in, to take some photos of the labels on the boxes stacked up outside of the Drafts Kings Sports Zone. Like many of you out there, I am guessing that they are the new ballpark seats. Still can't tell just by looking at the labels. I was able to photograph the old seats, that have been removed from the ballpark. I have included a photo to illustrate that they are not accessible. They do have a full security staff on site 24/7. Just thought you should know.I usually try to take a look up at the rooftops on my visits. It appears that the high winds on Friday might have taken some of the numbers, and a letter, off of the "EAMUS CATULI" rooftop sign.

To me, in addition to the tarp replacement, the most interesting thing about this photoset is the progress made on the broadcast building on Waveland since we last had photos of it (photos 19, 21-24 and 26). The building has been covered in a handsome brick, and David was able to catch some of the actual work of putting the broadcast cables underground. This area should be ready for the broadcast trucks when the season begins.

We'll have more photos here later in the week.