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Book Review: 'Cubs 100, A Century At Wrigley'

100 stories for the 100 years of our favorite team at our favorite ballpark.

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Two years ago, the Cubs celebrated the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field's opening.

This year, the team will have a somewhat smaller remembrance of the Cubs' first year in the ballpark at Clark & Addison, as the team first played there April 20, 1916, a 7-6 win over the Reds. (Sadly, the Cubs won't be at home on the 100th anniversary of this date; they'll be in St. Louis.)

Dan Campana (no relation to Tony, as far as I know) and Rob Carroll, Chicago-area writers and Cubs fans, have put together 100 stories to honor the 100 years in a delightful book titled "Cubs 100: A Century At Wrigley."

The best thing about this book is how it celebrates the stories that make the Cubs who they are. The authors have selected people from every part of Cubs life to write a chapter: media folks like Len Kasper, Fred Mitchell and Jayson Stark; former Cubs players including Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, Jody Davis, Mark DeRosa (whose chapter is titled "The Greatest Two Years Of My Career") and Steve Stone (who qualifies in both the above categories); celebrity Cubs fans including Joe Mantegna and WXRT's Lin Brehmer, and quite a number of Cubs fans, including Campana himself. He tells the story of how he asked his future wife to a date to a Cubs game -- risky, because her dad was a Sox fan!

There are stories about how people became Cubs fans, slice-of-life remembrances, players' stories about their times at Wrigley, and some photos both of Cubs history and of the beginnings of the Wrigley renovation project from last winter.

I mentioned tales from Cubs fans. One of the stories in this book is mine. Chapter 49 of this book is my story, told to Dan Campana and put together by him.

Buy this book for all the stories of what has made the Cubs what they are over the last 100 years. Hope you enjoy mine as well as the 99 others.