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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 21

Here's what was going on at the ballpark on Sunday.

Not too much changed at Wrigley Field since the last set of photos taken by David Sameshima on Saturday, but BCB's Mike Bojanowski stopped by on Sunday and filed this report:

These photos were taken Sunday, February 22, my first visit in over a week. Sunday was a much calmer and chillier day than the two before it. The site is still quite busy on Sundays, and some obvious repairs were made to the tarps, which had been badly tattered during the high winds Friday and Saturday.The media building is half covered in finish brick and even more new excavations are visible. Perhaps the most promising hint is that the trenches dug at the foundations of the main gate area are now being filled, and the frameworks for new walls and doors are now being erected. There are still nearly two calendar months to go.

To be more specific, Opening Night at Wrigley Field is 48 days from today, one day less than seven weeks. I have no doubt they'll be ready to play baseball there, even as construction continues on the plaza and plaza building during the season.

We hope to have more photos here later in the week.