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6 Cubs Make MLB Network's 'Top 100 Players Right Now'

The Cubs have a lot of good players.

David Banks/Getty Images

You already know the statement above is true. And now, MLB Network has acknowledged it by naming six Cubs players to its Top 100 Players Right Now. Sure, you can click on the link to find out who they are and where they rank, but I've compiled them all right here in this handy post. Here goes!

9. Jake Arrieta

You could make the argument that Jake deserves to rank even higher than this, coming off his great 2015 season in which he won the Cy Young Award. That season was so good, in fact, that it might be a bit of a letdown if Jake, say, has a season in which his ERA is "only" in the 2.25 range, which would still be excellent. Joe Maddon is doing a smart thing in saying that he's going to likely delay Jake's spring debut and limit his innings to some extent. That should keep him fresher for the postseason. Jake said he was pretty well gassed after the wild-card game and that showed in his two subsequent starts. Here's the last out of Jake's no-hitter against the Dodgers (with Pat Hughes' radio call):

18. Anthony Rizzo

Rizzo, entering his fourth full major-league season in 2016 (and doesn't it seem like he's been around longer), is the emotional leader of the Cubs on the field. He finished fourth in MVP voting in 2015 and should be a candidate to win the award this year. Here's a fun piece of Rizzo video from last year.

19. Kris Bryant

Here's another MVP candidate. Bryant had a Rookie of the Year season which also got him enough MVP consideration to finish 11th in 2015. He also turned things on after August 1; after a slumpy July, he hit .323/.400/.567 with 12 home runs and 39 RBI in 58 games over the last two months of 2015. That projects to almost a 35-homer, 110-RBI season, and I don't think it's farfetched to believe that he could match that slash line for the full 2016 season. And he's only 24. Here's one of the two walkoff homers Bryant hit last year, my favorite because of the "Strop Strut" you can see the Cubs reliever doing along with Bryant running to the plate.

32. Jason Heyward

Heyward's defensive and baserunning value is top-notch, even if he hasn't hit for the power some projected for him when he first hit the big leagues. Perhaps Wrigley Field's close-in right field wall will help him increase that power to the 20-homer range. He is one day younger than Rizzo.

I know you'd probably rather not see Cardinals video here, but here's the type of defense Heyward will give the Cubs in right field. This one robbed Bryant last June:

45. Ben Zobrist

Zobrist has been a versatile, all-over-the-field player much of his career, but will likely play mostly second base for the Cubs. Here's the home run he hit to give the Royals the lead in the clinching game of last year's ALCS:

95. Kyle Schwarber

The only thing I need to tell you about Kyle Schwarber is this:

That never gets old. And there could be more like that this year. Can't wait. Did any Cubs get left off this list that you think should have made it?