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The Windshield Kyle Schwarber Broke Will Be Auctioned For Cubs Charities

More good has come out of this Schwarbomb.

Peter Gesler

MESA, Arizona -- I met up with BCBer Peter Gesler at Saturday morning's Cubs practice. He told me he wanted to tell me of an update to the story of his car windshield being broken by Kyle Schwarber by a BP home run on February 17 at Field 1 at the Cubs complex, followed up with the windshield being repaired courtesy of Safelite Auto Glass.

Gesler, who grew up in the Chicago area, now lives in Denver but has spring season tickets in Mesa, told me that he's donating the broken windshield to Cubs Charities, where it will be auctioned off March 25 as part of an event held by the Cubs Wives. This annual event usually sells jerseys and other game-used items to benefit Cubs Charities, but this year they'll have a star attraction in the windshield.

As you can see in the photo above, it's not just a broken windshield -- it's a broken windshield autographed by Kyle Schwarber. Safelite is donating a display case for the windshield; I imagine this could raise quite a bit of money as a part of Cubs lore.

I'm glad for Peter Gesler that he was able to get his car windshield repaired, and have a brief meet-and-greet with Schwarber. But I'm even happier that this broken windshield is going to raise money for a good cause.

It's a happy ending for everyone involved. I hope Schwarber hits many long home runs this year. Here are a couple more photos of the signed windshield, courtesy of Peter Gesler.

kyle schwarber signed windshield #2

kyle schwarber signed windshield #3