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The Score Is Expanding Cubs Coverage

This was expected, but also welcome.

CBS via Getty Images

While the Cubs were on WBBM-780 in 2015 in the first year of a seven-year deal with CBS Radio, they almost seemed like an afterthought for the all-news station. Pre- and post-game coverage were scant.

As you know, the Cubs are moving to sports radio station WSCR-670 The Score for this season. The first broadcast will be Saturday, March 5, when the Cubs take on the Reds at Sloan Park.

And the station announced late Tuesday this roster of expanded coverage:

So -- that's good news for those of you who are getting your Cubs coverage via radio. It will be especially welcome, I'd guess, for those 1:20 weekday starts (and there will be 20 of them this year, not including holidays) when a lot of people are in their cars in the late afternoon. There will be plenty of Cubs post-game coverage on those days.

Thought you'd all like to know.