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Cubs Installing Extended Netting At Sloan Park

The Cubs' spring-training home will have extra protection for fans.

Rich Pilling/Getty Images

As you know, Major League Baseball has decided to have every ballpark extend netting to help protect fans from flying baseballs and bats. In general this means dugout-to-dugout netting.

Wrigley Field will have that netting in place for Opening Night, and Wednesday, via Bruce Levine of CBS Chicago, we learn that it's going to happen in Mesa as well:

The new experience of looking through extended protective netting in more of the best field-level seats of the ballpark will first occur for Cubs fans at spring training games in Mesa, Ariz. Sloan Park will have netting from dugout to dugout, going 70 feet from home plate. This new feature will be in place on March 4 when the Cubs play the first of their 15 home games in the Cactus League.

The decision to enhance fan safety here by the Cubs is consistent with the MLB’s recommendation in December to further protect fans by extending the netting down the foul lines. Clubs aren’t being forced to put up the protective netting in spring training, MLB chief communications officer Pat Courtney said, but the Cubs chose to do so anyway.

When I get to Sloan Park next month I'll take some photos so you can see how this new netting will look in an actual ballpark.

UPDATE: The Cubs say that the netting in place at Sloan Park already meets MLB requirements, so nothing will be added.