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Kris Bryant Swims With Sharks

No, not the San Jose hockey team. Real sharks. In Hawaii.

Kris Bryant on his Hawaiian adventure trip
Kris Bryant on his Hawaiian adventure trip
Zak Noyle,

Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant has had an eventful offseason. In December, he was engaged to be married to his longtime girlfriend Jessica Delp.

And now, he's just completed an adventure vacation in Hawaii. He was in the islands this past week.

Here's an Instagram video he shot while swimming with sharks in Hawaii. Yes, he was in a protective cage.

He also attended the Volcom Pipe Pro surf competition as a guest of fellow Red Bull athlete and big wave surfer Jamie O’Brien, who finished 2nd overall to the legendary Kelly Slater. Here is an interview he did with Red Bull TV host Sal Masekela about his experience on the island.

Of course, we're all glad Kris can have offseason adventures like this one. I'm just happy that he came back uninjured and ready to go for another baseball season starting in just a couple of weeks.

Thanks to the folks at Red Bull for sending along the photo, Instagram and video interview.