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2016 Cubs Spring Training Countdown: 14 Days

Mr. Cub, of course.

Focus on Sport/Getty Images

I'm not sure what more I can write about Ernie Banks that hasn't already been written.

No one who saw him play will ever forget the stance. Bat straight up and down. Fingers moving as he awaited the pitch. His strong wrists, which you see in the photo above, seemed as if they alone could flick a baseball out of Wrigley Field, and they often did.

It is ineffably sad that Ernie won't be around to see his beloved Cubs win a World Series, and that could happen sooner than we think, perhaps even this year. Ernie was honored in many ways by the Cubs during the 2015 season, after he passed away a bit more than a year ago, and will forever rest in the hearts of all of us who love the Cubs as "Mr. Cub."

Here's a short video showing Ernie's 498th, 499th and 500th home runs. I was at the game where he hit his 499th, which could have been the 500th except for the bizarre call made on June 30, 1969 in Montreal (read the PBP description to see what happened).

Rest in peace, Ernie. No Cubs fan will ever forget you.