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Phish Coming To Wrigley Field This Summer

The rumors are true.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

There have been rumors flying since last fall that the band Phish would be playing shows at Wrigley Field in 2016.

It's been confirmed, via Danny Ecker of Crain's:

Further confirmation is at this link. Phish is one of the most popular live acts around and these tickets are likely to be as highly in demand as the ones for Pearl Jam, also playing Wrigley this year.

The Cubs will be in the middle of a road trip on June 24 and 25, playing the Marlins in Miami. They won't return to Wrigley Field until 11 days after the last of these two Phish shows, so they'll have plenty of time to get the field back in shape for baseball. There's quite a lineup of concerts this summer at Wrigley:

There hasn't been any information on ticket sale dates yet for the Phish shows, but I'll post it when I get it.