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Yes, The Cubs Are Going To Fix This Concrete Panel

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The bleacher project isn't finished yet. When it is, this will look pretty.

David Sameshima

I'm writing this article because a number of you have made comments about the concrete strip visible just below the Wrigley Field scoreboard in the photo at the top of this post. (This photo was taken January 30, 2016.)

The bleacher reconstruction begun last offseason was only 70 percent completed last year, as we were told in the group blogger session with Crane Kenney last November. The completion of the bleacher project is part of the list of this offseason's projects on the Cubs' timeline, specifically this:

Centerfield Budweiser Bleachers Improvements

As you can see in the photo, the area where that concrete strip is located has shrouds above it; we've also posted photos here of the other side of that area, where a new patio is being constructed. It's pretty obvious to me that since this entire area is still being worked on, so there are parts of it, including that concrete, that might look unfinished.

I reached out to the Cubs for comment. Cubs spokesman Julian Green told me, "The center field bleachers are undergoing several improvements and will be completed this season."

I don't yet have a specific date for all the bleacher improvements to be complete. Once I get that, I'll write more about it. The Cubs have done an excellent job on the bleacher project up to now; between the restoration of the seating areas, the new patios and the video boards, I believe the bleachers now match the best of what the Wrigley bleachers are with modern amenities that make it a great place to watch a game.

And I'm absolutely certain that the area in question will look like new when the project is done.