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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 4-5

A few nighttime photos of the project.

BCB's David Sameshima passed by the ballpark on his way home from work late last week. He took some photos and filed this report:

My commute home took me by the ballpark on Thursday and Friday evenings. On Thursday, I was surprised to see Brandenburg equipment in front of the ballpark. Brandenburg is the demolition company that has been working on the Wrigley Field project. I then heard jackhammers going. I only had my pocket digital camera with me, and not my normal photo equipment. I had to stop and take a few photos. With the evening darkness, and the limitations of the camera I had, some of the photos are not sharp.There were jackhammer-equipped "bobcats" working on the level above the main entrance (Gate F) at Clark and Addison. This is the level where the offices were located above the main gate, and the main ticket windows. A large crane was hauling out debris through one of the openings above the ticket window space.On my way home on Friday, I did not see any Brandenburg equipment, but the sound of activity was coming from the front of the ballpark. Again, I stopped and used my pocket camera to document some of the activity. I could not get up to the fence, with the street sweeping truck driving back and forth along the front of the ballpark. Trucks pulling out of the work site do leave a mess out on the street.

There are 64 days remaining until the home opener April 11. With the generally good weather this winter, even though it's forecast to be colder this week, the work should get done on time.