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2016 Bleed Cubbie Blue Content Feedback Forum

What would you like to see us add to the site this year?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As I mentioned in my "reboot" post earlier this morning, I also am interested, as this site turns 11 years old (an eternity in blog years!), in your thoughts about what things I (and the other BCB writers) can add to what we bring you here.

Since the previous post had to do with moderating the site, I'm going to ask everyone who has thoughts about that to put them there and not here. This post is about site content.

Between Josh, Rob, Danny, Duane, Russ, Erik and me, I hope we're bringing you all the Cubs and baseball content you're looking for. But perhaps you want more of what you see, or there's something you don't see at BCB that you'd like to have us provide.

This is your place to share those thoughts with us and with the community. Please leave your ideas in the comments here. In order to see which ideas have the most traction, I'm going to use this idea suggested by our SB Nation Mariners site Lookout Landing in a similar post made last December:

If someone makes a statement that you agree with but do not have any substantive commentary to that effect, rather than adding a reply consider simply clicking the "rec" button. The blue comments will definitely be easier for myself and the staff to notice as we look through the comment section.

You are, of course, welcome to email me if you have a specific interest about the Cubs and/or baseball in general that you'd like to write about for BCB.

2016 has great promise for the Cubs. I'm interested in your feedback to help make this a great season for BCB, too.