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"Goodbye Mickey D's": A Musical Farewell

BCB's Danny Rockett bids a musical goodbye to the Wrigley McDonalds.

Danny Rockett

Brett Taylor of Bleacher Nation wrote some lyrics to Elton John's "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road," saying goodbye to the Wrigley Field McDonald's, which has been on the corner of Clark and Addison since 1980.

Bretts Lyrics

Inspired, I decided to finish the song for him. But when I sat down to write it, I had the wrong song Elton John song in my brain and instead wrote a parody of "Candle in the Wind". Which is basically the same song.

I've been going down to Wrigley daily, hoping to get video of McDonald's destruction to add to this music video, but I'm unfortunately out of time. I'll be heading to Spring Training in less than 48 hours. But it has been strangely emotional photographing the McDonald's being boarded up. I've eaten, and more often used the bathroom, there since my first visit to Wrigley.

Thanks for the inspiration, Brett!

With all heartfelt sincerity..."Goodbye Mickey D's"

Goodbye Mickey D’s

I’m watching golden arches fall

To make way for a hotel

I’ll miss your bathroom stall

Eating a quarter pounder

If I’m hungry after the game

Now I’m stuck with Taco Bell

And their Nachos Bell Grande

And it seems to me that your franchise

Gonna be a Red Roof Inn

Now where is old Ronnie Woo Woo

Gonna drink his gin?

30 years of using your bathroom

Since I was just a kid

20 million bucks closed your doors

The Ricketts overbid