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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 12

Festivities in the neighborhood as well as an update on the Wrigley project.

BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field Saturday... and found a lot of other people in the area.

I had intended on visiting Wrigley Field in the morning, before the Saint Patrick's Day crowd arrived, to hit the bars along Clark Street. Unfortunately, I was delayed and didn't arrive until after 1:00PM. I figured that I was still okay, as the majority of the drinking crowd doesn't arrive until after the downtown parade. I was wrong. It wasn't packed around Wrigley Field, but it was already pretty full.I did make my way around the ballpark, but I tried to be quicker than usual. In situations like this, people will constantly come up to me and ask me to take their photo. They have no idea who I am, but must hope that their photo will be published somewhere. There is a spot on Waveland Avenue where there is a small view into the ballpark. I only managed one photo, showing that they have still not replaced the seats in the upper deck in front of the press box. I had to move on, since there was a private party going on in one of the rooftops on Waveland. The crowd up there kept yelling at me to take their photo. I was afraid that they might throw something at me, so I just moved on.I did see another section of the wrought iron fence exposed, along the west side of the ballpark. There is also now a structure along the west side of the ballpark. This must be for the new gate. The structure that had been assembled along the Waveland Avenue sidewalk is now atop the plaza building. This must be for the clock tower.When I started walking along Sheffield Avenue, I noticed a woman walking along the sidewalk, outside of the bleachers. I continued walking, and only then realized that the construction fences had been removed. I crossed the street to take a look. In addition to the personalized paver bricks, they have also installed sections listing various former Cubs players and broadcasters.

The photo of the brick pavers is photo 28 in the gallery. David says he has some more photos showing all the players and broadcasters honored on the sidewalks, and will send them along later.

We hope to have more photos later in the week, including some of the demolition of the McDonald's, which is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Monday, March 14.