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Cubs Make 1st Roster Cuts Of Spring Camp

None of these should surprise you.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- The 64 players in Cubs spring camp up to now have been reduced to 57 by the following roster cuts:

These were obvious cuts as none of the players involved had any real chance of making this year's team. A couple of them (Jack Leathersich, Duane Underwood) have been injured and not yet played this spring. Leathersich isn't expected to be ready to return from Tommy John surgery until midseason.

This is an important year for Dan Vogelbach's development, in my opinion. Since he has zero defensive value, he'll have to dominate Triple-A pitching in order to have any real chance at a big-league career. He did reasonably well DH'ing in big-league spring games: 3-for-14 with three walks, a double and a home run.

As noted, this leaves 57 players in camp. I'd expect more cuts later this week.