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Cub Tracks Messages The Medium

"Ads are the cave-art of the twentieth century" -- Marshall McLuhan.

Movable type.
Movable type.
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A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding. -- Marshall McLuhan

The medium didn't answer. So much for the psychic within.

*denotes autoplaying video/audio/messages from the audient void. The medium massage.

artificial perceptions:

  • Michael Cerami (Bleacher Nation):  Dexter Fowler explains what happened with the Orioles: He had to pay for the lost pick. He told the story to Peter Gammons, and Cerami expands on it.
  • Aldo Soto (Sports Mockery): Dexter Fowler reveals what really happened with the Baltimore Orioles. Enquiring minds want to know.
  • Patrick Mooney (CSN Chicago*): Could Kris Bryant become a free agent by 2020? Mooney's vision of the future. Not exactly scrying-crystal clear attempt to clarify some Tony Clark comments about Bryant's grievance (Maikel Franco also filed). The upshot is that nobody knows yet.
  • Gordon Wittenmyer (Chicago Sun-Times): Will baseball labor talks set Kris Bryant free from Cubs in 2020? Fresh from the idea factory. Because Tony Clark totally didn't address the issue.
  • Fox Sports: Player's union chief expects labor talks to go smoothly. Tony Clark did not, however, address any grievances.
  • Carrie Muskat ( Kris Bryant isn't worried about service-time issue. Bryant is just happy it's not the hot topic of Spring Training. "Even if there was a latest, I would not offer the latest on the Bryant grievance," Tony Clark said Monday after meeting with Cubs players during the MLBPA's annual tour of spring camps. "I won't even acknowledge whether there is one or not."

arbitrary values:

  • Evan Altman (Cubs Insider): It was Pi Day on Monday, so here are 3.14 irrational things I'm looking forward to this season. Philosophical duel, losing mojo, and Opening Day. Plus...
  • Michael Cerami (Bleacher Nation): Joe Maddon isn't quite committing to his rotation, but Kyle Hendricks in in "good shape." Expounding on Carrie Muskat article.
  • David N. Wilson (Baseball Essential): Questions being answered for the Cubs' 2016 rotation. Jason Hammel and Kyle Hendricks have spoken up.
  • Neil (Chicago Cubs Online): Cubs adjust spring rotation; Lester and Arrieta to start minor league games. Cub two top starters get lighter assignment.
  • Gunther Dabynsky (Cubs Den): The best baserunning team I ever did see. "Baserunning is one of the least important areas in terms of creating or preventing runs, but it is not insignificant either." The less TOOTBLANS, the better.
  • Terence Moore ( Ryne Sandberg where he belongs -- in Cubs camp. Some giants still walk the earth.
  • Paul Sullivan (Chicago Tribune): Kris Bryant enjoying just blending in this spring. "This is great," he said. "I'm just another guy in the clubhouse, and that's how I want it...It's good to have some other guys here that are pretty big-name people, Jason (Heyward) and those other guys. Good to be another guy and kind of blend in. ... It's really good to be myself."
  • Randy Richardson (Wrigleyville Nation): Meet the new Cubs (part three of five). Matt Murton, Shane Victorino, Munenori Kawasaki.

tools shape us:

  • Tony Andracki (CSN Chicago*): The art of the walk-up song: A reflection of the Cubs' personality. For example, David Ross was the oldest player on the Cubs' roster last year, but used "Forever Young" as his walk-up song in a twist of irony. Music is important to the players. The fans seem to like it, too.
  • Carrie Muskat ( Joe Maddon lauds Anthony Rizzo's many talents. Tangible and intangible, Rizzo has some gifts. "He is a great teammate," Maddon said.
  • Tom U. (Chicago Cubs Online): Cubs down on the farm report. A look at the Cubs minor league system with team reports.
  • Patrick Mooney (CSN Chicago*): Jake Arrieta feels ready for 250 innings this season. He almost said it -- "I’m in better shape than I ever have been. And I’m ready for another 250." C'mon repeat after me: He's in the best shape of his life (tm).
  • Bruce Levine (CBS Chicago*): Jake Arrieta focused on fine-tuning his game. The regular season can't come soon enough for the Cubs ace.
  • Paul Sullivan (Chicago Tribune): Jake Arrieta has to put runner on base on purpose to work from stretch. Because they can't hit what he throws. This makes me smile at odd moments, thinking.
  • Caitlin Swieca (Wrigleyville-Baseball Prospectus): Kyle Schwarber vs. LHPs: A path to improvement? The watch-Rizzo and listen-to-the-coaches path. The grade is steep, but the route is clearly marked.
  • JJ Stankevitz (CSN Chicago*): Clayton Richard takes the long road from surgery to Cubs bullpen. "The guy worked his butt off to be where he’s at right now again," said Miguel Montero. "I don’t think there’s any hitter in the major leagues who says, Oh good, Clayton Richard is coming into the game," added Joe Maddon.
  • Bruce Miles (Daily Herald): Chicago Cubs would love to see DH in NL. Because Kyle Schwarber/Javier Baez/Jorge Soler.
  • David Miniel (Cubbies Crib): Moving Javier Baez around the depth chart will definitely pay off. One way or the other.

Food for thought:

There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." -- Marshall McLuhan.