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A Cubs Blarney Blowout

BCB's Danny Rockett caught all the green action at the Cubs vs. D'backs game on St. Patty's Day.

The Cubs crushed the Diamondbacks Thursday evening, but the proverbial slaughtering of the hometown heroes was not as entertaining as the slaughtering of fashion at the St. Patty's Day game.

Unless you're a leprechaun... Leprechauns were actually dressed quite appropriately. As I entered Sloan Park, the lyrics to the song "Yellow Submarine" came to mind. "Sky of Blue and Sea of Green". Mostly because, there are not many clouds down here in Arizona, thus the blue sky, and even the non-Irish wore green to the game for St. Patty's, turning the normal "sea of blue" on the berm into the afore mentioned Beatle lyrics. Even I, with my English, Italian and Galician heritage got into the act, with a green shirt and green underwear. (You'll just have to trust me on that second claim. There is no proof in the gallery.)

So, what's better than a 15-4 Cubs win? Cubs fans dressed as Irish mythical sprites! I look forward to the day we can dress up for all cultural holidays in the garb of the culture we're celebrating. I've just been dying to bust out my St. Adalbert costume, but I guess I'll just have to wait for his feast day of April 23. In the meantime... here's what happened in Cubfanlandia on March 17....