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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 28

A more in-depth look at the ballpark over the weekend.

Here are quite a few more photos taken by BCB's David Sameshima on Sunday.

Included are a few final memories of the McDonald's, which had been open since 1980 on that site; its last day of business was Monday. If you had never ventured inside, photo 13 shows some of the tables.

We hope to have some photos of the McDonald's demolition here soon. There will be a McDonald's opening in the Ricketts family hotel project when it's completed. The likely completion date for that project is sometime in 2018.

Also of interest in this photoset: the numbers on the Eamus Catuli sign are completely gone (photo 24). Some of them had fallen off during that windstorm a couple of weeks ago, I'd guess at this point all of them were removed for safekeeping.

Photos 30, 31 and 32 show some scaffolding in the stands, and in photo 31 you can see where some seats were removed in the upper deck, just underneath the press box, awaiting replacement.

As for the main entrance to the park, work seems to be picking up. I don't see any reason they wouldn't be ready for the season opener.

More photos to come later in the week. It's now just 40 days until the Cubs play their home opener against the Reds on April 11.