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The Cubs Are Auctioning The Kyle Schwarber Windshield For Charity On Friday

It's happening at Sloan Park.

Peter Gesler

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- I'm sure you recall the windshield Kyle Schwarber broke right at the beginning of spring workouts, the repairs made to the car by Safelite and the announcement that the broken windshield, signed by Kyle, would be auctioned off to benefit Cubs Charities.

The windshield, which has now been placed in a display case, will be auctioned Friday at Sloan Park as part of the Cubs wives' annual spring-training sale. Usually, this sale consists primarily of Cubs jerseys from previous spring trainings. This time, they'll have this fascinating piece of Cubs memorabilia to help raise money.

Peter Gesler, the BCB reader whose windshield became famous, told me that the display case Safelite built for the windshield is "beautiful," and you can see the autograph clearly in proper lighting. The case was built by Patrick Farrell of Safelite, clearly "a labor of love," according to Gesler. It has handles on each end, so it can easily be moved by two people.

If you're coming to Friday's game at Sloan Park, you'll be able to bid on this one-of-a-kind item, and the money goes to a good cause. I hope to be able to find out the auction amount when the sale is complete, if so, I'll certainly report it back to you.