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A Look At 2016 Cubs Season Tickets

Season tickets are arriving. If you don't have yours yet, or if you don't have season tickets, here's a peek at some of them.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Cubs season tickets are in the process of being shipped out this week (or, if you asked for them to be held at the office for pickup, as I did, they will soon be available there).

Since I don't have mine yet I asked Mike Bojanowski to scan a selection of his so I could share them with you.

Here's what he told me about the set:

All tickets are essentially alike, the pictures do differ slightly, there are 81 different portraits depicting several players and Joe Maddon. They are all portrayed more than once, in differing poses.

The blue swirls that are on all the tickets are part of a unified look the Cubs have across all their ticketing, media guide (cover image here and marketing materials. They also have a similar look to the spring training season tickets, which I posted about here last month.

Here's a larger size image of the one at the top of this post showing the tickets for the first five games of the season. Click on it for an even bigger version. Thought you'd all enjoy the look at this year's season tickets.

2016 season tickets