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Cubs Adding Extra Security Measures At Wrigley: Get There Early!

You'll want to allow extra time to get into Wrigley Field this year, especially on Opening Night.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- The Cubs Thursday sent out details on the new security screening procedures that will be in place at Wrigley Field this season. Major League Baseball mandated security screenings last year, but the Cubs were exempted due to the ongoing construction project.

This year, all fans will have to go through magnetometers at all entrances. Here's a short video on the procedures, narrated by Len Kasper (the video was taken earlier this month with Cubs employees in line for the demonstration):

There's more information and a FAQ at this page at

The video states, and I'll add here, that the Cubs are asking people to come to games earlier than they have in the past to allow the extra time that's likely needed for this screening, especially since the west entry gate on the still under construction plaza won't be open until next year.

In fact, the Cubs are going to open the ballpark earlier than usual for Opening Night. Instead of the usual two hours before game time opening, Wrigley Field will be opening at 4:35 p.m. on April 11, two and a half hours before the game begins, in an effort to make sure that everyone can get inside before the first pitch.

I'd ask you to please not make any commentary on how you feel about the need for security measures like this at ballparks; that's not the point here. The fact is, it exists and is coming to Wrigley, and the purpose of this article is to get that information out there and to remind everyone to allow extra time to get into the ballpark.