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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 26

There was lots of activity around the ballpark over the weekend.

BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field over the weekend. These photos are from Saturday, March 26.

The area around Wrigley Field was a mess when I arrived. There were signs of utility work in progress everywhere. In addition to work taking place on the streets, some sidewalks were being torn up. There is a trench along the Addison Street sidewalk, in front of the former McDonald's parking lot. There is also a trench along the Clark Street sidewalk in front of Sports World.They are working in the street at Clark and Addison, right in front of the ballpark. There is also work taking place along Clark Street, and Patterson Street. There is now an office trailer in the lot just north of Patterson Street for the Hertz rental car lot. A construction fence now surrounds the former location of the Clark Street Sports tent store.They are working on restoring Waveland Avenue outside of the plaza lot, and the area around the broadcast center lot is being opened up. A tent has been put up once again, for the players' parking lot. This time, the tent is further north in the Blue Lot, closer to the center of the block. There are construction trailers just north of the tent, and chain link fences are being erected just south of the tent. The tent stretches across the entire width of the lot, which is probably one of the reasons why the Cubs wanted to cut down the trees that run along the east end of the lot. The overhang of the trees would have blocked where the tent now is.They have removed the tarps that covered the bleacher gate, but it is still difficult to see what work has taken place inside. There was a piece of equipment exiting through Gate Q, when I was near the bleacher gate. By the time I got close to the gate, they were already closing the gate and immediately started lowering the garage door to block any view inside the ballpark.The numbers/letters are back on the "EAMUS CATULI" building. They are now working on opening up a Starbucks in the former Hi-Tops/Harry Caray Restaurant building, on Sheffield Avenue. The signage in front lists April 2nd as the opening date. Hard to see through the window, to see the work taking place inside.

As of today we are 13 days away from the home opener April 11. They'll be ready, but they still have much work to do.