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Cubs Reacquire Sam Fuld From Athletics For PTBNL

On a very special day, the Cubs pull off a very special deal.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- In a move that surprised almost everyone in the world, and that's because of a very very very very very very good reason which you will learn very very very very very very soon, the Cubs early Friday reacquired outfielder Sam Fuld from the Oakland Athletics in exchange for a player to be named later.

With a current open spot on the 40-man roster, Fuld can take that spot. Since he's been out with a strained shoulder, he will likely start the season on the disabled list, but they hope he'll be ready to play very very very very very very soon, and the Cubs were willing to take Fuld on even though he's been hurt. In the meantime, he can rehab at the Cubs complex in Mesa.

Fuld will be very very very very very very thrilled to pick up the 1,867 frequent-flyer miles he'll get for flying to Phoenix from Southwest Florida International Airport, the closest one to the Rays' spring base in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Fuld, as you know, was drafted by the Cubs in the 10th round in 2004 and made his debut with the team in 2007. He had a pretty good year for the team in 2009, not so great in 2010, and was traded to the Rays in early 2011 in a swap that we probably shouldn't rehash too much here. Fuld also became a fan favorite, and was a particular favorite here at BCB. I met him at the Cubs Convention in 2010 and let's just say the 5-9 he's listed at on his baseball-reference page is generous. I'm 5-10 and I'm definitely more than an inch taller than he is.

His height, or lack thereof, has not prevented him from making fantastic plays on the field. While playing for the Rays and Joe Maddon, Fuld made this amazing catch in an early 2011 game at the Cell against the White Sox:

We should not only congratulate Sam on his return to the Cubs, but on the addition to his family last week:

It's somewhat surprising that the Cubs would pick up Fuld, a lefthanded hitter, when the team's bench needs are primarily righthanded. But Maddon, who's known for getting his players to be versatile, said of this key acquisition, "I know Sam well, he played for me for three years in Tampa. If I ask him to hit righthanded, he'll do it."

And if you think it's surprising that Maddon would say something like that, I ask you to check a calendar and remember what today is.