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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 10

The ballpark prepares for Opening Night. And, a reminder from the Cubs.

Wrigley Field is ready for Opening Night, and the first day of new security procedures.

In connection with that, the Cubs remind everyone to arrive as early as possible. The gates will open half an hour earlier than usual, at 4:35 p.m. (This is a one-day-only thing; Wednesday, gate opening goes back to its normal time of two hours before the first pitch.)

You can see a long line of porta-potties on the sidewalks outside the bleachers. Some of them cover up the Cubs legends names on the sidewalk bricks, including Billy Williams, Jack Brickhouse and Yosh Kawano (photos 8, 9 and 10).

It would seem to me that there's not much point to having these outside -- they might be lined up there for eventual relocation inside the park, so as to avoid the issues the Cubs had last year on Opening Night.

Some of the metal detectors and crowd barricades are covering up the paver bricks near the bleacher gate.

Signage has now been placed on the bleacher bar near the main gate of the bleachers (photo 44). There is also a new VIP entrance near Gate F and the ticket windows near Clark & Addison (photo 29). You can also see the beginnings of cinderblocks creating walls on the plaza building (photo 18).

The weather tonight will be chilly, but dry -- in fact, it's supposed to be dry all week, good news, meaning all the games in this first homestand will be played without weather interruption.

Play ball! We should have photos from inside the park showing the changes, sometime tomorrow.