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The Cubs Saw Their New Clubhouse And It Is Awesome

The team made a stop after their flight back from Phoenix.

Courtesy Chicago Cubs

Not wanting to wait a single moment longer than necessary, the Cubs got a late-night tour of the new 30,000-square-foot clubhouse at Wrigley Field early Monday:

Jon Lester hinted earlier on Sunday that the team might take a look and "ooh and ah and take a tour and all that stuff. Guys are excited to get back and see it."

"None of us know where the door to get in, where we’re supposed to put our fingerprints. I think that’s the biggest concern for all of us."

Safe to say the Cubs came away impressed.

The Cubs' official Twitter account sent out this short video of the area, plus the Cubs having their first look:

Here's an additional rendering (besides the one at the top of this post) and one of the hallway that leads underground to this magnificent clubhouse (both images courtesy Chicago Cubs):

clubhouse rendering #1

clubhouse hallway

In addition to all this space, the Cubs will have top-notch workout and training facilities, similar to what they've had the last three years in Mesa. This will help with things such as Kyle Schwarber's rehab.

This looks fantastic and will certainly help the Cubs have a much better place to report to work every day.