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A Cubs Opener For the Ages

BCB's Danny Rockett's photos from the Cubs home opener.

Oh, what a night! That was an Cubs opener for the ages! After being no-hit for six innings, the never-say-die Cubs had fans dancing in the aisles with faces full of smiles!

I personally cannot remember an opening day at Wrigley Field as fun as last night's inaugural game. What a way to start a season at the Friendly Confines. Here's to more nights like that!

I began the night in the beautiful bleachers with all their new showcased memorabilia, and ended up at Nisei Lounge, snapping photos the whole time. (Until my camera ran out of battery moments after Addison Russell homered.)

From my walk down to Wrigley between the L tracks and a couple of cemeteries, to the new showcases of Cubs history along the handsomely renovated brick halls under the bleachers, the Cubs game last night provided a baseball experience that is the envy of all teams in the major leagues. With upgraded food choices, and new facilities, bars and seating, you can palpably feel the new life breathed into the old ballpark. And I got five seconds of TV time with my girlfriend Nicole! Oh what a night!!

Here is some of what I saw before, during and after a Cubs opener to remember.