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Hey Cubs! Make This Great-Looking Jersey Your Primary Road Look In 2017

The Cubs could make a lot of people happy if they did this.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

This article was prompted by some comments made in an article posted a week ago Saturday noting that the Cubs were eliminating the "CUBS" block-letter road jersey and going with the gray "CHICAGO" as their primary away uniform.

Along with that article, I posted the photo above, which is of Jake Arrieta wearing a 1964 throwback road uniform in a game in Philadelphia on June 13, 2014, one of Jake's first really good starts as a Cub. This was before Jake became Jake!

Anyway, many of you commented that you really like that look and so do I. The slightly-darker gray is a nice contrast to most current major-league road jerseys, the "CHICAGO" really stands out with the red outline (the numbering style has the same red trim behind the blue numbers) and the thin piping around the collar, sleeve and down the sides of the pants give it a classic, timeless look.

So I'm writing this article to say to the Cubs: Why not bring this look back as the primary road uniform for 2017? I know that Major League Baseball now requires quite a bit of lead time for teams to change looks for future seasons, so why not start now?

The sleeve could either have the 1960s-era Cub, or the current "walking bear" logo, and of course there would be names on the back. Even if the Cubs wanted to put a number on the front, as the current gray road jersey has, that'd be OK with me.

I just thought I'd put this out there for your thoughts. Should the Cubs go back to the retro 1960s look as their primary road jersey? Vote in the poll.