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Cubs' Kyle Schwarber Has Successful Knee Surgery

And now, his long road back to the big leagues begins.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Schwarber's knee injury was one of the more serious ones I've seen in many years. Today, we have news of the successful surgery performed:

Don't forget that Schwarber also suffered an ankle sprain in the incident in Arizona on April 7. When I saw Schwarber at Wrigley Field last Tuesday -- he was coming out of the park as those of us on the media clubhouse tour were going in -- his ankle was in a boot.

The knee injury, obviously, was more serious, but I have no doubt that Schwarber will attack his rehab plan as soon as he's medically cleared for it. And, of course, with the great new clubhouse rehab facilities, he can be with his teammates whenever they're playing at Wrigley Field.

Much good luck to Kyle as he rehabs. I'm certain he'll be ready for spring training 2017.