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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 21

A new addition to the bleachers took shape Thursday.

Despite what it looks like on the cover photo here, this is not a sign for Northwestern University.

The sign, when finished, will be for Nuveen Investments, a Chicago-based financial company.

This new addition to the left-field bleachers began going up about 10:30 Thursday morning. If you saw the previous entry in the construction series I posted on Tuesday, you saw the frame for this new sign had been put up that day. In the interim, the frame was painted green (good news for those of you who like the consistent green-paint look!) and prepared for the letters to be added.

It's an interesting process, as you can see in the following videos of the "N" and the "U" being raised into the bleachers:

When I arrived, only the first three letters were laid out on Waveland (photo 1). I didn't see the following "E", "E" and "N" anywhere, I presume they arrived for afternoon installation. Photos 4 and 5 show the small brackets on the frame, to which the letters were attached.

Photos 11 and 12 show the wiring in place for the lights that will go into these letters so they can be illuminated. It's not clear whether the light will be white light, or some other color, nor do I know whether these letters will be painted once they are installed.

Since this sign is directly behind where I sit in the bleachers, I'll have some up-close-and-personal photos of it when the Cubs return home to Wrigley Field Tuesday evening.


The Nuveen sign...

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