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The Ballad Of Jake Arrieta: Cubs Parody Song

BCB's Danny Rockett missed another Jake no-hitter.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I might be the only Cubs fan to have accomplished this amazing feat. Last year, when Jake Arrieta threw his no-hitter against the Dodgers, I had caught every game on the West Coast road trip except for one. Guess which one... I stupidly agreed to move my band's L.A. gig from the previous Sunday to the next Sunday. What's the big deal? I'll only miss one game! So I watched Jake pitch his first no-no from the venue's bar instead of at Dodger Stadium.

Then, just last night, due to my day job, I couldn't leave for my weekend in Cincinnati until about 1 p.m. Hey, what's the big deal? I'll only miss one game. Besides, it's supposed to rain. So we pulled into Cincy in about the third inning and I watched Jake pull off his second no-hitter from my girlfriend's Mom's living room, exactly six and a half miles from Great American Ballpark.

So if you want to see Jake Arrieta pitch more no-hitters on the road, the solution is clear. Send me to the town Jake is pitching in, and I won't go to the game. I will use all proceeds from sales of my Cubs Canon, an ever growing collection of Cubs songs, to accomplish this feat!

Now cue the music! Here is the first track off the 2015 Cubs Canon!!

Congrats, Jake! I'll never watch you pitch on the road again!