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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 31 to April 4

Here's a giant photoset of all the activity at the ballpark from last Thursday through early this morning.

Yes, there are a lot of photos here.

The reason for this is that BCB's David Sameshima was at the ballpark four days in a row -- Thursday through Sunday -- but didn't have time to send me any of them until Sunday. So, I'm posting all of them today so you can have a comprehensive look at everything that went on over those four days.

You can see the preparations for the season in the player banners being placed on the ballpark and the removal of all the scoreboard panels for painting. There are photos of the 7-Eleven, now closed, utility work continuing on the streets surrounding the ballpark, the near-completion of the broadcast center building, some work going on during the snow squalls over the weekend, and for a bonus, screenshots sent to me by Tim Marr Monday morning, showing (via the Wrigley Field Earthcam) the removal of the shrouds on the front of the ballpark. The shroud-removal work began at 5 a.m.

One week from tonight, the Cubs will be playing baseball at Wrigley Field. Can't wait.

Here are the dates for all the photos in this gallery.

Photos 1-39: Thursday, March 31Photos 40-54: Friday, April 1Photos 55-65: Saturday, April 2Photos 66-129: Sunday, April 3Photos 130-141: Monday, April 4